Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the mother-load of all posts... (dun,dun,dun!)


my name is jenny.
some of you know me as: jenny, jmo, murph,jfree/fro,mojo...etc.
many of you have been torturing me to post belly photos, start a blog, yadda, yadda.. and i wouldn't budge out of pure rebellion.. i kid, i kid!
well, i gave in. and my friend  mollypoopoo designed this amazing blog, so how could i resist? ( see i even did the cool link a ma jigger to give props to a blog that is definately worth peeking at. ) plus, when you think about it.. missionaries to other countries adapt to the culture of the environment they are living, right?
well, I am a missionary here, so God showed me I need to adapt to the culture i live in a bit more, so there you go. Blogging is the new... something.

soo... about those photos...

i am preggers! 32, or 33 weeks along...oh thirtysomething.(say hi to our lil apt : )
          ok, ok back up...jfree.... this is me n my hubby, and this is how  i ended up preggo..err, uh...you know what i mean.
we were on a date before the real prego madness started only a few short months ago, this circus was cute with an adorable clown and really talented, young, flexible people.
moving on.
then... i turned 30! whaaa the?
on july 14th to be exact.
this is Ryan. He is my husband. I love him very much.
He looooves it when his mama ( not me ) takes photos of him, cant you tell?
this is Julie, Ryan's mama. She is an awesome MIL, definately an answer to prayer and I love her very much.
I am about ohhh 4 months preggo here? sure, why not.

moving on.
my husband serves me well. resting after church one sunday with a pickle.(notice the belly all you crazies?) Ryan was making us lunch, aw. i dont know how far along i am, 5 months..any guesses? Btw, the boots I am wearing are my absolute fav. They are very, very sad in this photo because the soles are so worn down, and one of the heels is virtually gone. One day, the hubs surprised me and had them re-soled! So awesome! now, they are shiney and just like new. Maybe if yer lucky I'll post a photo? aiming high, i know.

how you doin so far, good? good! up next we have: The McGilvray Family Reunion, Brother Rory's wedding, and some last/most recent preggo photos.

this is me n my dad. He's the best dada in zee world!
We were at a huge fam reunion, over 100 people I think with color coordinating shirts to match each family. We wore grey shirts that said "Charlie's Angels" with all of my granpa Char Char's kiddos on the front and the entire family listed on the back! They even included Baby Freeman, woot!
This is Rory and Amy. Rory looks a lil spaced out because this day was one week before their wedding! I was so shocked and excited that they came to the reunion so close to their 'Big Day'. I love my brother dearly. He is one of my best friends. One of the most godly and intelligent men I know! God brought the best fit for him, Amy. She is an answer to many, many prayers and I love her so.

More family reunion photos... my cousin Lauren's son Liam is such a doll, isnt he? And whats a reuinion without Char Char playing the Hokey Pokey on the accordian? Not just any accordian, but this thing is older than me from the navy days : )
You put your head in, you put your head out...

Ok, now for Rory and Amy's wedding.
The minute I saw Amy, water ojos lemme tell you!
She was SO stunning and elegant. Not to mention her mom made her dress.
It was flawless.
And Rory (wowy, to me). He was so handsome. All of his groomsman wore argyle sweater vests! It was so perfect for R & A. God's presence was all over that day, and Im so grateful for his faithfulness to our family.
(sorry for the lame quality, its all I got and Im too tired to post links right now...slash lazy..)
r-l:: my brother Ryan, dad Pat, and hubby Ryan
so handsome! ( dont you love the argyle? ) and yes
my hubby is a tall one. I love it.
and Teagan, my beautiful niece. So much to say about this one, but can't say it all in one sentence. From the moment I heard of her conception over 6 years ago, I knew she would be incredible. And she is. *cue watery ojos again!*
I have to talk about Pastor Clark. Pastor Clark is Amy's uncle. He is the pastor of the church the wedding and reception were held at. He loves Jesus so much and cries about God's love virtually every time he preaches! Well, he was so sweet and emotional this day as well. He really affirmed Rory and Amy and it was such an encouragement to my soul. Plus, Rory's face is classic..haha. I think he is ready to be a husband, yes? Not to mention his awesome jawline.
yippppeee! ilove em i love em i love em!
not to mention that their first dance was accompanied by my granpa char char, with my aunt marie (http://www.mariemcgilvray.com/) and her friend Jenn Franklin (http://www.jennfranklin.com/) singing Could I Have This Dance" with an accordian, oh yes...dbj...
me n teags.She was in the middle of playing croquet, aka pounding stuff into the grass,  and paused to take a photo with aunt jenny. So sweeet, i love her!
and introducing!!! Liam Boaz! Yes, we have two Liam's in our family and they are amazing. I about died when I met this lil guy though. He is my nephew. I met him at the rehearsal din din for R&A's wedding and was hooked. The most engaging, sweet and loveable boy. He was not shy with me for a minute. He dove into grabbing my face and cuddling and wanting to yank out my jewelry.
My SIL, Courtney does a great job at loving him, too bad her face is blurry, doh! Liam causes me to want to meet my son so badly! Not to mention he is the spittin image of my brother, Ryan.

Aaaand lastly... more preggo photos just like I promised.
the hubs and I attended a good friends bumpin birfday bash this past weekend. It was killer. Awesome dancing and all. And you better believe I shook what my momma gave me on the dance floor! The dress Im wearing is a vintage dress from my gma! Im thinking 60's era, holla! Well, I couldnt resist wearing for my dear friend, Chelsea. I dont have any photos of her, shux. She is awesome and we cut - a - rug. I slept good that night.*wink*

Phew! Well, I hope this kinda, sorta makes up for being such a slacker to all my peeps out there. I know its not your typical 'week by week' photo diary, but that's me for you.

In all seriousness, Im so beyond blessed to be called to motherhood. God is so faithful and this is again an answer to many, many years of prayer. As I type this, my son is punching me out from the inside. Yikes! Welp, that just means he is healthy and I cannot wait to meet my new best friend.

xo to y'all. fingers crossed I keep this thing up, amen?!


  1. yayayayayayay! i'm so happy. i loved it! :) and you look absolutely gorgeous. love you so much, jenny mofo!! <3

  2. nice job jenny-o. bravo! man, your hair is getting so looooong! & man, that cute belly of yours never gets old :) i hope you keep this up. otherwise, ima getcha. wink.

    love youuuuuuuuuuuu. you are so beautiful. i'm so glad we're friends that can text each other poop stories. HAAAHA!

  3. Jenny!!!! you are the sweetest, and a GREAT blog writer :) so fun to see the pics of your prego cuteness. Can't wait to see you THIS weekend in utah :) love you love you, amy

  4. YAY! Jenny has a bloggggg! So excited about this, let me tell you!

  5. Yay! So happy for you! Can you tell that you're just absolutely loved by many? :) Thankful for the catchup and can't wait to see more about your life!

  6. Yeah! I'm so glad I got to see that belly in that red dress! You go mama! You look so pretty! I love your blog and you better keep it up or I will get you! Little Liam is adorable too; he does look a lot like Ryan! I can't wait for your little boy to come out too! Yayayaya!

  7. jmo! i love you and this is a really cute looking blog and i liked reading it.

    You were meant for blogging. Very good narrating.
    <3 You.

  9. YAY!!! You're a really good blogger - very cute and fun! :) LOVE seeing your belly pictures!