Sunday, June 5, 2011

online journaling to the masses

Ok, so i guess ill give the usual disclaimer for not blogging now....

{gee wiz my life is so crazy// do you know what ive been thru//ill make it up to 'you' i promise..blah blah}

phew, glad that is over now onto my title.
i have a few questions...
dont you blogger maniacs ever feel weird about journaling to the public? or do you love it? why and why?

So, i was in bed after being a royal bitch to my husband tonite and i could not fall asleep.. thinking about my actions and how socially awkward i am now that im a newlywed.

which brings me to my other question: did or do you other marrieds ::newlywed or not::  ever go thru a time where you didnt know where you really fit in socially?
I mean i could have a million and one play dates with my females friends past and present, but when it comes to the hubby and me together, it appears as if we are invited to the 'everyone is invited' but not the other nites, catch my drift?
maybe cuz it does take effort for my hubby to be social and sometimes it is hard for him in social settings...
maybe cuz ive been a bitch , a critical one at that, one too many times???
maybe cuz our new life as a family really has been crazy and we simply have stopped pursuing others and are way out of touch with our amazing community?

anyway, i really never thought i would be the one going to a blog to 'journal' , if you will... but i need to sleep... my dear son Oliver will be up in roughly 6 hours and i am an 8 hour kinda gal, and it would be nice to share what is going on with my new lil family.. perhaps make some new//see some oldie friends along the way and to say at the end of the day and the final day.....

Jesus has overcome....



ps. yes, I am still a God-fearing, Jesus worshipping Christian even thought i did say the bee word, still love me? thought so : )


  1. Hey girl, I totally feel ya!! It's hard to have a new baby but then to also add in newleywed it's tough. You're a strong girl!
    Well first, I've never blogged but I imagine sharing things can be very therapeutic.
    Second, of course I think we all go through the feeling of "not fitting it" that can be for numerous different reasons. We all grow when we have kids as you know but the whole dynamics of our lives switch to a different direction. Bobby and I still have a hard time finding mutual friends and yet that also draws you closer to each other.. The Royal "b" I'm so good at that person just ask Bobby.. Haha!! But we as women have a ton of stress that we pile on ourselves to help our family's grow succesfully.
    You should try and have a few of your close friends over maybe once a month. The boys can play some poker and the women can play bunco or maybe even something you can all do together. Sometimes you have to force your husband to become more comfortable but in an enviroment of his own.
    You're awesome and I forgive you and actually didnt think twice about your "b" word. Love you Hun!! Stay strong but remember to always appologize when you have done something and especially when you feel bad about the way you acted. BUT it happens to the best of us and its normal so don't beat yourself up. Love you girl ever need anything let me know :))
    Love, MO (Monica)

  2. Oh Jenny, how i've missed you and so appreciated and loved this post. I know this is a way old post but love you so much and am bummed I am just reading it for the first time. We need to hang. I promise we won't make Ryan feel awkward. Between Micah and I he wouldn't have to say a word. HA! Plus I need to meet your lil' Oliver. Hope all is better since then.