Saturday, June 18, 2011

ill just write for now...

SO.  we live in 'affordable housing' if you will and we love it! There are a few things that one could say is an absolute must that we do not have. I say they are comforts, not necessities. Lately, I believe, God is relentless at killing my idol of comfort. Boyyyy do I loooove my comforts. Comfort foods, comfy clothes, no teething baby at 6 months old, more than one closet for an entire apartment (including clothes) yep we have no bedroom closet.... and the list could go on for a mile.
This morning I realized that I actually have a manual of this idol. It came to me as I threw another temper tantrum. This was a good one.. reality TV worthy. I would have been bleeped out for a good 30 seconds as I chucked a paper towel across the kitchen. *which landed in the sink, btw.. score!* Seriously though if I did have my own reality show, it wouldn't last more than an hour before breaking the camera persons arm shouting' turn that bleeping thing OFF '
anyway, coming back from the rabbit trail, i pray for patience ALL THE TIME. With my husband, with dear Oliver, with the free internet here that kicks me off every 2 minutes, and i think to myself.. once life slows down and our finances start looking up...then my attitude will change.... baaahaaahaaaa.. welcome to 90 % of AMERICA Jenny!!!!!
well, I feel better now, i think. Because in the midst of this chaos I have a Constant. The Holy Spirit does not cease to bring gentle reminders of his love and grace and sufficiency. That yes, I do not have it all together, or at times anything together ( i feel ) .. but God, the Creator, most Powerful... calls me by name and I am his beloved???? WHAAAAAA???????

amen, thank you Jesus.

oh and for Father's Day Ryan is getting a haircut at Del's Barber Shop .. that's how we roll.
He was stoked about it!
love my simple husband, what a treasure.



  1. Jenny,
    Reading your blog is like going back in time to when my kids were babies and I wasn't working...yes I had many of those tantrums too. Throwing stuff and cursing were an almost daily thing for me! Although we lived in a house and had more than one closet, it was a broken down old place that constantly stretched my definition of what I "deserved." We were just barely released out of that house after 8.5 years there. God has blessed us with our own place something we never thought could happen. Funny thing is I miss my kids as rolly poly little babies and I even miss that time of trial because I was constantly seeking God and I was on my face a lot more than I am now. Not that I shouldn't be now but it is those tough times that force us to be where we should always His arms. So I just want to encourage you, you are in the place you need to be to grow and the fact that you are DAILY depending on the Holy Spirit means that you are also perfectly in God's Will and that is the best place to be no matter what the circumstances. Thanks for the great read!
    Love ya,
    Cousin Naomi