Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Follow Up(date) from Courtney

Today was a family affair. Liam and I both had blood drawn. Liam did amazing!! He loved playing with all the awesome toys in our unit. It helped me emotionally to spend more time with him and have our family here.
Shannon's rash is worse today. Tylenol, vistiril, and sweeties (sugar water) have helped to keep her comfortable. Today was a huge blood draw so she needs to eat well and rest so her body can recover. Tomorrow more labs and then...WAITING...two weeks to be exact. Waiting to hear if Liam is a match. If he is things move fast. If not then they start looking in an international pool of donors. Pray, pray that Liam is a match. Pray for healing and that match won't be needed. Pray that a miracle will blow the minds of these doctors that don't believe anything short of their plan is possible. God blow their minds and receive You glory!

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord. So does our little baby Hope. Shannon's Hope :)

{ FYI, Shannon was diagnosed with SCID--Severe Complex Immune Deficiency }


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