Thursday, October 13, 2011

Shannon's skin & throat...

hi friends,

below is an update from Courtney. Would you please pray for healing of her rash and throat?

Update: today is a 4ml blood draw. IV team should be here about 2 pm. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to pour down His peace over Shannon. She automatically cries when she is laid on the bed bc she associates it with pain. She sleeps in bed with me, in her swing or in our arms now. The vistiril is continuing to allow her to sleep. It still causes dryness of throat but PRAISE GOD her skin is less dry today!! The rash looks bad but I believe she is more comfortable. Still gas and tummy trouble but the living waters of Lord can rush through and bring calm to her tummy and bowels! Amen!
Thank you for interceding for our daughter. Please pray for Liam for peace as he adjusts. For peace for my husband and I.




  1. Thank you for the updates. Our Wisdom Class Bible Study group prayed for Shannon and the family today. We love you from afar.
    Sue McGilvray

  2. Man her words have touched me, to lean so completely on our Amazing God is inspiring. Praying and will ask that you continue to update us.