Thursday, October 27, 2011

i love marathoners.

Courtney writes of needs and heartaches.(updated caring bridges blog link below) im provoked my her raw honesty and posture
to put her faith in our Great God... wont you continue to join me in uplifting these
precious saints??

We continue to be so grateful for the meals and financial support. We are in need of a Hepa Filtration system for our home and to pull
out the small carpeted area on our first floor and put in hard inexpensive flooring in that space. This will
help us sanitize with bleach easier and keep our home germ free to keep us healthy as we visit the hospital
to care for shannon's needs and to eventually bring her home to a safe space.
God bless and please continue to pray with us as we plead to the Lord for deliverance.

in constant prayer,



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    here is the link, doh!!