Saturday, November 5, 2011

Chemo to start next week.

Update: Tentative surgery for line placement Monday at 2:30pm along with a hearing test and echocardiogram. Still retaining fluid but hasn't needed to be suctioned in the last 12 hours!! Praise God!!

That's sort of where the good news ends...the doctors came in this morning and said they aren't going to intervene anymore with the fluid retention bc they don't want to tax Shannon's kidneys before chemo. They said, "she may not look good or feel good now, but this is way better than we are going to make her feel in a week when chemo starts. You will watch her deteriorate far more than this."

So what can we expect:
Mouth sores/ulcers in mouth, throat, and stomach. Diaper rashes worse than we have ever seen as her body expels the the cells chemo will kill. Weight loss. A feeding tube. Vomiting. Severe abdominal pain. Dry and cracked skin. Dry and cracked mouth along with the sores. And that they say should last a month or more.
No. Can I say that? Can I wrap her up and just take her home and rescue her from that?
Please pray with me. I'm begging God to less this pass over her. To spare her the agony that she can't understand. I'm asking the Lord to let her surgery be On Time with no more than 6 hours without eating and that the OR and the echocardiogram will coordinate and happen at the same time. Please pray for my daughter. My heart aches for her. Our family is desperate for the Lords mercy.

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