Friday, November 4, 2011

Shannon not breathing well.. please pray.

Here are a few updates from the past few hours... the latest update is not so good.

Update: sweet Shannon is extremely swollen. Her oxygen sats are better at 92 average. They are going to test her for any viruses. Her IV didn't hold so her little hand swelled up more and IV team had to place one in the other hand.
Praise Report: Staph infection testing negative for further growth!! Yay!! She is peeing and releasing some fluid. IV placement went smoothly. Tentative surgery scheduled for monday.
Prayer Request: for Shannon's swelling to release completely! For this IV to hold longer than the last one. For NO viral infection. For her lungs to take deep breaths and for her to NOT need oxygen anymore. For the OR to take Shannon on Monday for surgery on time and with no delay and Shannon to not have to go through more than 6 hours NPO. Prayer that the echocardiogram and hearing test to be done in the OR do Shannon doesn't need sedation more than once. And ultimately for God to heal Shannon completely. It is never to late for Him! But we chose to praise Him and trust Him no matter what He chooses.

please lift Shannon to the Father. She isn't breathing well at all. Her respirations are very high so they aren't allowing us to feed her for fear of aspirating.


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