Tuesday, November 8, 2011

more ways to pray...

Here are some specifics from Courtney to pray about for the near future...

Update: IV line in Shannon's head is still holding. She is having pain when they send her medications intravenously so they have slowed the release to 2ml / hr. She is on morphine and adivan for pain management. I called the PICC line off this morning bc the chance of having her NPO for 10 hrs or more was too great and she was under too much stress. I felt peace about keeping her medicated for any further IV placements should another IV go bad before Thursday. Tomorrow Ryan and I meet with our team of doctors to sign release paperwork and go over Shannon's Road Map for treatment. The Central Line surgery is set for Thursday, but of course we have no call time yet.
Please pray with us:
1. That for the first time and the last time her surgery is on time.
2. That the echocardiogram can take place at same time as surgery to avoid two separate sedations.
3. That her IV holds
4. That Shannon's severe diaper rash clears before chemo starts and the skin that is open will close and grow back
5. That Shannon continues to hold her oxygen without support
6. That she doesn't have to be NPO for longer than 6 -8 hours day of surgery

ALL things are possible through Christ. We wait on Him.

so grateful,

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