Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update from last night

Update: thank you to everyone praying for our baby girl. The respiratory team has suctioned Shannon's nose and chest twice. Her oxygen stats will stabilize and then at other times drop below normal. She is on a small amount of oxygen, but what keeps her from getting off of it is the swelling in her lung tissues. After they did the transfusion Thursday Shannon simply has not been able to release all the fluid she was given she has ballooned in size and has over a 1/2 lb of fluid in the tissues. The doctors want to see Shannon pee that fluid out by tomorrow. Shannon has been tested for viral pnuemonia and that test comes back tomorrow. She has soo much junk in her chest and throat that she can't swallow or drink her bottle down. She at times looks frightened. It's painful to see. But we are grateful she is getting oxygen even though her throat and chest are so full and she sounds blocked like croup.
Lord we need You. We call to You. We will continue to praise You and honor You. Please release my daughter from this swelling and pain so she can eat and sleep. You are God alone and we place her in your loving arms tonight. In Jesus name!

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